Self-Help vs God’s Help

Below is a portion of an article written by the head of stewardship of the ELCA. Dear friend in Christ, I’m puzzled and disappointed that in the midst of so much hurt in our world, the self-improvement industry continues to grow while more people are concluding that the church isn’t relevant to their lives. Did … [Read more…]

First Lutheran on Siouxland New KMEG14 Fox44

I had a fantastic opportunity to appear on KMEG14-Fox44 to speak about our new contemporary service. J.R., the contemporary band leader, made arrangements for this interview.  So thankful that this could be done. Below the video, is what was posted to the website of the news station.   SIOUXLAND NEWS — The First Lutheran Church of … [Read more…]

Reconnect and Reset

Reconnect and Reset.  In the Old Testament of our Bible, there is a special time that is celebrated every 50 years.  The year would be considered, the year of Jubilee. It is a time of reconnection and reset.  The fields are rested, restored, they are reset.  So are many other aspects of life.  I invite … [Read more…]

Full Communion Partners

Just in case you did not know… Below is the article on the ELCA website Full Communion Partners Full communion is when two denominations develop a relationship based on a common confessing of the Christian faith and a mutual recognition of Baptism and sharing of the Lord’s Supper. This does not mean the two denominations merge; … [Read more…]