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Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan church-wide study has ended.  However, you can still form small groups, obtain the videos from Pastor Doug or Pastor Jose, obtain video guide books from Pastor Doug.  Books can be purchased online.  See below for more information on purchase.  For a link to the videos of the sermons, please click here.

Welcome to the online information page for The Daniel Plan that we will be, as a congregation, taking part in.  St. Paul United Methodist Church and First Lutheran will be sharing Wednesday evening Lent meals and services.  See our calendar for times and location.  Our basic time frame is February 26th through April 12th.  You can sign up for small groups at either St. Paul’s or First Lutheran.  At First Lutheran, please see the welcome center, inside the front doors, for signup sheets.  We will have multiple days and times available.  At the welcome center there will be information about discounts for participants, at Curves.  Take advantage of discounts to keep yourself in shape.

What is the Daniel plan?  That is a good question.  We will be working on a holistic approach of taking care of our physical, spiritual and mental health.  Through a preaching series on Sundays and Wednesday along with small groups that will watch and discuss a DVD about the Daniel Plan.  We would encourage you to also consider reading the book and starting some physical activities.

We will have books and DVD participant guide available at discounted prices.  If you cannot afford a book, no problem.  See Pastor Doug at First Lutheran or Pastor Jose at St. Paul and we will arrange for books for you.  The available copies of the book we have, are $6.00 each.

You can also purchase the books, DVD Participant guides, and other items relating to the Daniel plan, at either the Christian BooksDaniel Plan website or at Amazon.  If you use Amazon, cosider using and select First Lutheran Church of South Sioux City NE as your designated chariety.  We have enough DVD participant guides for each of the participants in our small groups.  They will be handed out on the first day of each small group.  The cost of the guide is $7.00 if you would like to reimburse the congregation for the costs to purchase them.

If you are interested, Daniel Plan offers a free PDF discussing a Detox that can be done prior to the starting of the Daniel Plan.

Probably the best thing to do, is point you to the Daniel Plan website, where your questions can be answered in better detail.

DVD Small Groups (please signup at FLC)

Saturday 10 am at Parsonage, Kris Dill Leading, Starting 2/25/17

Sunday 9:30 am in Lounge, Pastor Doug Leading, Starting 2/26/17

Monday 1 pm in Lounge, Pastor Doug Leading, Starting 2/27/17

Wednesday 6 pm in Lounge, Jenni Durant Leading, Starting 3/1/17
(note:  two sessions will be at St. Paul’s.  Grab your supper and watch the videos)

Thursday 7 pm in Lounge, Mike Hunter Leading, Starting 3/2/17


We will have Zumba classes here on Sundays at 1:00 PM, starting February 26th.  There is no cost, but a suggested amount per session is $4.


Lent Meal Presentations

Eating Healthy: While on a Budget
Presented by Stacy Gritten R.N.
Wednesday 3/8/2017 from 5:45-6:15 PM

Embrace the Journey: A Balanced – Fulfilled Life
Presented by:  Stephanie Sandwell
Wednesday 3/22/2017 from 5:45-6:16 PM

Sermon Series

Sunday of each week, part A of the sermon will be preached.  On the following Wednesday, part B will be preached.  See our calendar for times and locations of worship services.  We will be having some Wednesday services at St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Week 1
Introduction to the Daniel Plan
God’s prescription for Health:  What God Says About My Body

Week 2
Principles for Lasting Change
What It Takes to Really Change
What Kind of Goal Does God Bless

Week 3
Goal Setting
Setting Goals in Faith

Week 4
The Group Factor (Community)
Why  We Need Each Other

Week 5
The God Factor
God’s Power in Your Life
The Awesome Power of Faith
Five Winning Choices

Week 6
Becoming Who God Meant You to Be
Winning With the Hand You’re Dealt


Below are some helpful YouTube Videos




Rick Warren’s The Daniel Plan Closer Video

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