First Lutheran Church

Mission Statement: Loving others in Christ for outreach to all; while providing for God’s diversity.

Staff and Ministry Leaders

Office Staff/Ministry (Please feel free to click on their names to email them or to be taken to bio on the person.)

Pastor: Douglas Dill
Administrative Assistant: Kerri Durant
Custodian: Chris Knudsen
Music Staff/Ministry
Spirit Connection Leader: “JR” Jim Reider
Organist: Jane Krogh/Joey Hartshorn
Senior Choir Director: Joey Hartshorn
Youth Choir Director: Joey Hartshorn
Senior and Youth Bell Choir Director: Joey Hartshorn
Keyboardist: Joey Hartshorn

Other Ministry Leaders
Church Council:
Chad Cain, President
Randy Rahn, Vice-President
Deb Kenny, Secretary
Sue Hunter, Treasurer

Kathy Anders
Judy Blessing

Terry Sorem
Linda Johanson
Paula Reider

Brandon Trautwein

Ministry Coordinators:
(Vacant), [Worship & Music Team],
Altar Guild, Kathy Anders
Lectors, Position Open
Worship & Music Team, Ushers

Sunday School Staff/Ministry:
Superintendent – Chad Cain

Linda Swanson
Chad Cain
Denise Kleinberg
High School, Adult – Pastor Douglas Dill

Council and Teams
These are the primary teams that we have at First Lutheran. There are teams and task-forces that may be formed from time to time to fulfill needs as they arise.

Church Council – The church council meets regularly on the third Sunday of the month following our 10:30 am worship service. Upon the election of the church council at the annual meeting, church council members may also sit on committees and teams. The new church council elects the executive team.

Executive Team – This team consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and the pastor. The executive committee exists to facilitate the work of the church council. It meets sometime before the regularly scheduled church council meeting, as needed. The executive committee sets the agenda for the church council meeting, reviews the previous month’s financial reports, discusses issues of the past or coming church council meeting and annually reviews the pastor’s ministry. The Executive team will full-fill the duties of the Staff Support Team.

Audit Team – This team will provide audits of the funds of the congregation. This will be done at a minimum, on a quarterly basis. In addition, there will be a yearly audit of the finances of the congregation.

Christian Education Team – The Christian Education Team has the responsibility for carrying out the teaching ministry of the church. Under its direction is our entire Sunday School program for both youth and adults. This includes the confirmation program, Vacation Bible School, adult Bible study, and retreat opportunities for adults.

Budget (formally support) Team The Support Team assists the council with the financial resources of the church for ministry. Their primary responsibility is formation of the annual church budget, but they also handle all of the memorial giving and expenditures.

Evangelism Team – Mission Statement: ‘Bringing Others to Christ.’ The Evangelism Team seeks to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing people closer to our ministry at First Lutheran. This is done by inviting residents of the area to become members at First Lutheran and encouraging our present members to be active in our ministry.

Fellowship Team – Mission Statement: “
Fellowship, keeping the Spirit of being gathered together in His name to build the body of Christ. Matthew 18:20″
The Fellowship Team provides social outlets for our members to become better acquainted, allowing us to work and live together in better harmony with one another.

Mutual Ministry Team – Mission Statement: “Encourage the Staff, Leaders as well as the people of First Lutheran Church in their calling to lead the congregation as the Spirit of God leads us.”
The primary function of a Mutual Ministry Team is to keep the pastor and staff advised about the conditions within the congregation and to interpret to the congregation the ministry of the professional leaders.

Property Team – The Property Team is responsible for the physical upkeep of the church building and property.

Social Ministry Team – The Social Ministry Team provides means for the congregation to reach out and care for the needs of people both within our own community and around the world.

Staff Support Team – The Staff Support Team (which is fulfilled by the Executive Team) reviews the goals of the congregation with the individual staff members. They conduct reviews of staff, with the Pastor(s) in ministry annually. They also listen, confer, and dialogue with all salaried staff on a regular basis concerning expectations, attitudes and concerns within Congregation and the staff. The team will encourage continuing education plans, with the Pastor(s), which will benefit the Congregation and the individuals.

Stewardship Team – It is the task of the Stewardship Team to encourage all of our members to use their time and their talents to the best of their abilities.

Worship and Music Team – Mission Statement: “To plan, recommend and encourage meaningful, spiritual and Christ centered worship.”
As its name implies, this team has responsibility for the worship life of the congregation. They are responsible for our regular and special worship services and our church choirs. This committee is also charged with the task of providing weekly greeters, ushers and lectors. The Altar is under their auspices as well.

Youth Team – The Youth Team is responsible for planning activities that benefit the spiritual, moral and social development of youth in our church and our community. The committee provides regular programming for grade school, junior high and senior high youth. The committee also provides guidance and support for our young people to attend local, regional and national youth events.

First Lutheran Church
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